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With the click of a mouse, your method of identifying quality, targeted consumers just got easier. No one knows better than Experian where to find the best buyers and how to find them fast. That's what Data Select is all about. This superlative, online tool provides you with the most focused and defined names in the marketplace. No matter what your direct-marketing list needs are, our comprehensive database available 24-7.

About Data Select

Data Select features make ordering effortless. This streamlined, multifaceted program works the way you do because you set the parameters. Customize your list search a multitude of ways, depending on what works best for you.  With Data Select, you get exactly what you want, when you want it. It's that easy.

  • Benefits and Features
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Direct-Marketing Lists

Whether prospects are just around the corner or all the way across the country, Data Select helps you find them and turn them into customers before your competition does. Experian® draws from the most complete demographic, firmographic, transactional and behavioral information available to provide powerful data from one resource. 

Mail and Telemarketing Lists

  • ConsumerViewSM  database
  • BehaviorBank® Database
  • 蓝·灯下载
  • New Homeowners DatabaseSM
  • U.S. Business Database
  • Newborn Network Powered by Experian Marketing Services
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Products and Services

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  • Direct-Marketing Lists
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